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Techsploration Alumnae Mentorship Program
A commitment to Techsploration is a commitment to your community, diversity, and the next generation of leaders.
Gain additional support from a seasoned pro as you navigate your career!

At this time, Techsploration is shifting its Online Alumnae Mentorship Platform to an intake form on our website at as part of our transition to a more informal and less structured approach to mentoring. If you wish to have “mentoring” please complete the intake form and we will gladly match you with one of our wonderful mentors.


For more information, contact Maureen Duffy-Mason, Alumnae Outreach Coordinator


Statistics show that women are still vastly underrepresented in science, engineering, trades, and technology occupations. This means that women and girls are missing out on exciting career opportunities and employers are deprived of a vast pool of potential employees and skilled, diverse talent.

The goal of Techsploration is to increase the number of women working in science, engineering, trades, and technology-related occupations by assisting young women from diverse backgrounds to explore a wide range of career options in these fields. We know that getting the right start in your career is important, but so is ongoing support as young women navigate careers in industries where they are underrepresented.

The Techsploration Online Alumnae Mentorship Program will ensure women who have gone through our signature programming will be mentored by female mentors in the field that is most relevant to their future or current career path. The goal is to provide our program alumnae with continued guidance, networking experience, and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

If you are currently navigating your future or interested in being mentored by a woman in a science, skilled trade, engineering, or technology profession, consider signing up for this unique program today.

This online program has been made possible with funding from Employment and Social Development Canada.