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WCT Mentorship Programs
Mentorship is a proven strategy to help women advance their careers in Canada. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our peers and seniors can be a great way to break down the barriers to the advancement of women in technology, communications, and media industries in Canada. Mentorship relationships provide an opportunity to identify career aspirations, overcome challenges, and expand your network by connecting with other professional women and men. 

WCT Atlantic Chapter Mentorship

Start Date:
Monday, 04/07/22 - 08:00
End Date:
Sunday, 23/07/23 - 11:59

The Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) Mentorship Program is a collaborative effort of the Atlantic WCT Chapter to build a sense of community for women in tech and communications. By providing opportunities for personal and professional growth for woman-identifying folks through mentorship and potential sponsorship opportunities, the program is designed to: 

  • Encourage young women to explore careers in tech and communications
  • Support women in tech and communications to stay in the field as they move through their career stages
  • Support career advancement for early stage career women in tech and communication as well as women in middle-management or related positions  

This mentorship program is a perfect fit for female - identifying people who are aspiring to be and/or already in the tech or communications industries, aspiring to grow in their roles/ leadership opportunities, and can commit to 6-8 hours over the duration of the program. All ages/ career stages are welcome to apply as a mentee. You must be or sign up as a WCT member to participate as a mentee.

We are open to mentors who have diverse and varied experience in their field, or have varied experience in multiple fields. It is important that mentors have interest or previous experience working with women in technology or communications, have a basic understanding of mentorship, and can commit 6-8 hours over the duration of the program. All young or experienced men and women can apply. You do not have to be a WCT member.

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WCT offers an array of mentorship programs, including regional mentorship circles and one-on-one mentorship at a national level. They are all designed to inspire and empower women at every level in their careers.

WCT is currently offering mentorship programs in the following regions: The Atlantic Canada Chapter 

To start your mentorship journey, click on Mentee or Mentor, which will take you to a list of WCT's mentorship programs that are currently accepting applications. Search for your program from the list, click Join Program, and continue your signup process.