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Elevate Mentorship - CEED
Become an Elevated Mentor: Guide the Growth of Nova Scotian Business Owners
Apply to become a CEED Elevate Mentor
Become an Elevated Mentor and provide mentorship for Nova Scotian business owners. We are seeking experienced and thoughtful leaders who are committed to investing their time to assist in the growth and development of others. If you’re a successful business owner in Nova Scotia, we’d love for you to join our network! Join us in this fulfilling role and be a part of the vibrant growth story of Nova Scotia's entrepreneurial landscape.
Apply to become a CEED Elevate Mentee
As a valued member of our CEED Alumni community, you have an exclusive opportunity to further your growth and development. To be eligible to become a CEED Mentee, you must be a part of our distinguished alumni network. Ready to take the next step in your professional journey with CEED? Sign up now to enroll in our mentorship program and unlock new pathways to success.

The CEED Elevate Mentorship Program empowers and elevates entrepreneurs by building a dynamic relationship in a safe space for peer-to-peer learning, dialogue, and challenge.  

CEED is committed to empowering people and helping them reach their full potential. We believe that the mentee/mentor relationship is one of the most powerful ways to elevate entrepreneurs and strengthen the economy.

Elevate is a unique opportunity for mentors and mentees alike to develop ongoing relationships and connections to community through learning, dialogue, and discovering new challenges.